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KB45628 - OIDs for System Uptime and SNMP Agent Uptime

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Last Modified Date1/19/2023 4:39 PM
This article shows the difference between the SNMP OIDs for System Uptime and SNMP Agent Uptime.
Problem or Goal
The System Uptime on the PCS may show as higher value than the sysUpTime value through SNMP query for the same PCS.
The sysUpTime object returns the time elapsed (in hundredths of a second), from when the SNMP agent was started.
The SNMP agent is a service on the PCS that can have different start time.
The value received via sysUpTime object does not necessarily mean PCS uptime.
To check the PCS uptime, one must use hrSystemUptime object.
The value received via hrSystemUptime object through SNMP query refers to PCS uptime value.
Following are the OIDs for the PCS Uptime and SNMP Agent Uptime :
PCS Uptime OID :
SNMP Agent OID :
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