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KB45755 - How to Import the SSL Certificates on vTM.

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Last Modified Date2/14/2023 9:46 PM
This article describes the process of configuring an SSL certificate on the vTM ( Virtual Traffic Manager ).
Problem or Goal
Before installing SSL certificates on VTM, ensure that the certificates are issued by trusted CAs. Also, ensure that the key strength of the certificate keys is 1024 bits or higher and that the keys are signed with secure signature algorithms.

1. To install the server certificate 
 - In the GUI navigate to catalogs > SSL> SSL Server Certificates catalog under that go to Import SSL certificate and then click on Import Certificate and Private Key.
   User-added image
  User-added image
  • Name - make up a name for your SSL certificate in order to differentiate it from other certificate files stored on the server.
  • Certificate File - click choose file and choose the .crt file you have to upload.
  • Private Key File  - click choose file and choose the Private Key that was generated along with the CSR code (the .key file).
Note:- VTM will only allow importing SSL certificates (and private key) in PEM Format

2. To add the Intermediate cert 
   -The signed cert would be seen with its details. Click on "Add Intermediate Certificate" to add the Intermediate CA cert which signed the certificate.

User-added image

3.  To add the CA(certificate authority).
 - In the GUI navigate to catalogs > SSL> Certificate Authorities and Certificate Revocation Lists catalog > Import certificate or CRL
User-added image
 User-added image
File location  -  enter the location of your certificate.
File URL -  enter an HTTP/HTTPS URL to download the file from
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