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KB9114 - How to verify that a given caching policy for web resources is correct

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Last Modified Date8/13/2015 3:54 PM
Unable to access web resources due to an incorrect caching policy
Problem or Goal
Web pages that are intermediated by the PCS device may not appear correctly or may not be accessible due to an incorrect caching policy.

By default, the PCS device does not cache any web content.  This is to prevent any information from intranet sites from being left behind after a user exits the IVE session.  This can cause issues with sites that have to download and save a copy of a file locally before it gets displayed in the browser.  Some examples of content that needs to be cached are:

  • PDF's
  • components of web applications like ActiveX
  • script/code parsers
  • web mail attachments.

If a caching policy is needed for a page, verify the configuration of the policy by logging into the IVE as an Administrator and navigating to: Resource Policies > Web > Caching


Verify that the resource is defined correctly and that the action (cache, don't cache, etc.) is set correctly.  For instructions on defining a Web Caching policy and information on each of the options for caching consult the Defining resource policies: Caching or Write a Web Caching resource policy section of the administration guide for your version of  PCS OS by visiting



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