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KB9131 - How to workaround rewrite issues using alternate access mechanism

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Last Modified Date11/26/2015 12:28 AM

How to workaround a Web rewrite (core access) issue by using alternate access methods (Pass Through Proxy, JSAM, WSAM or Network Connect)

Problem or Goal

In instances where a rewrite issue cannot be resolved by the resolution paths listed in KB9122 - [Core Access] How do I troubleshoot a Rewrite issue?, other options are still available for enabling access to web resources.


If web resources are not accessible after following the steps outlined in the above mentioned KB article, there are some other ways to configure the access to the web resources.  The other access methods are as follows:

Pass through Proxy:

A configuration guide for using PTP is available at:

Pass Through Proxy How-To 

WSAM, JSAM, or VPN Tunneling client:

A troubleshooting guide is available here.


In addition to this Network Connect article there is one more step to follow.  To force the PCS to tunnel the traffic through the Network Connect tunnel, a selective rewrite policy must be configured to not rewrite the web resource.  This will prevent the PCS from rewriting the web resource and force the traffic through the Network Connect tunnel.  Please check the "Creating a Selective Rewriting Resource Policy" in the Administration Guide for your respective PCS OS version for details on configuring the above policy

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