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KB9133 - How to verify if ActiveX Parameter Rewriting can resolve a rewriting issue

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Last Modified Date8/13/2015 3:54 PM

Web pages which are intermediated by the PCS may not appear correctly or may not be accessible due to an ActiveX rewriting error.

Problem or Goal
If a web page uses ActiveX controls and the page does not appear correctly, this may be due to the PCS improperly rewriting the ActiveX or not rewriting the ActiveX parameters.

The PCS (Pulse Connect Secure), by default, has some ActiveX parameter rewriting policies configured for commonly used ActiveX controls.  Other than the default policies, the PCS does not rewrite the embedded ActiveX controls.   To verify the ActiveX parameter policy is configured correctly, identify the following four items for the ActiveX control used.

  1. Class ID.  Generally, web pages use the class ID to embed the ActiveX control.
  2. Language used.  Web pages can use either static HTML or dynamic HTML to embed the ActiveX control.
  3. Parameter Type.  To configure the rewriting policy properly, you must determine if the parameter is a URL or a hostname.
  4. Parameter Name.  To configure the rewriting policy properly, you must specify the name of the parameter that is being rewritten.

To verify the ActiveX parameter rewriting policies, logon to the PCS as an administrator and navigate to Resource Policies > Web > ActiveX Parameters


Select the policy that requires verification.  Check the following items:

  •  Make sure that the Class ID of the ActiveX control is correct.  
  • The Parameter section defines the name of the parameter
  • Check how the PCS should rewrite the control.  The options for the action are:


The option selected depends on the Language (static/dynamic HTML) used and the Parameter Type (URL/hostname).  Generally rewriting the URL/hostname and the response works best.

For more information on configuring an ActiveX parameter rewriting policy, consult the Creating an ActiveX parameter resource policy or ActiveX Parameter Rewriting tab section of the Administration Guide for your version of IVE OS

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