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KB9258 - [PCS] How do I verify that there hasn't been any network changes?

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Last Modified Date8/1/2015 7:06 AM
Sometimes a change in the network will cause a problem with connecting to the PCS.  This article outlines how to verify that no network changes have been made.
Problem or Goal
Users can't access resources, could something on my side of the network be causing the issue?

When troubleshooting an issue, sometimes network changes cause unexpected issues to occur.  Some of the possible changes on a network are:

  • hardware changes (firewall, switch, router, server, etc.)
  • software updates to any client side software
  • security patches applied
  • group policy changes
  • any configuration changes on the PCS (Pulse Connect Secure). 

To verify that there has not been any changes to the network, discuss all of these possible changes with the internal Network Administrator.

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