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KB9424 - How to verify that PCS DNS configuration is not preventing access to a resource.

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Last Modified Date2/17/2017 12:23 AM

This article provides steps to verify that the PCS DNS configuration is not preventing access to a Web resource via Core Access.

Problem or Goal
Users are getting the "Page cannot be displayed - 404" error message when trying to access a Web resource configured via Core Access.

If the PCS is unable to resolve a host name or there is an issue with a hosts entry on the PCS, then Web resources may not be accessible.   Use the following steps to troubleshoot:

  1. From the admin portal navigate to Network > Overview. 

  2. Verify that valid DNS servers are configured in the DNS Name Resolution section.  It is normally recommended to use the same DNS servers that are used by the corporate network that the PCS device is on.
  3. To confirm the PCS can resolve the hostname, navigate to Troubleshooting > Commands.  

  4. In the dropdown menu in the Command section, select the NSLookup option.


    This will display the following page:

  5. In the Query section, enter the host name of the resource accessed and click on OK. 
  6. If the PCS device is able to resolve the host name, then the Output section will display the IP address of the host:

  7. If the PCS does not return the IP address of the host then it is possible that there is an issue with the DNS server(s) configured on the Network > Overview tab.  Troubleshoot this externally from the PCS device and correct any errors.
  8. The Hosts file can also be used to resolve any host name to IP addresses that the DNS server(s) are unable to resolve.  Go to Network > Hosts to add an entry to the Hosts table.

  9. If there are existing entries in the Hosts table, verify that they are configured correctly and/or remove any that may be conflicting.  
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