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KB9537 - User's cannot access resources. How do I check the configuration for Custom vs. Predefined in Application mode for WSAM?

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Last Modified Date7/31/2015 11:35 PM
This article describes how to verify the configuration for both Custom and Predefined Application for WSAM.
Problem or Goal

When a WSAM resource is configured as an application, there are few possible ways to define the application.  They are as a custom application, a standard/pre-defined application or a Resource Profile. 

  • With a custom application, the executable application is specified as well as the ports that the application will be using. 
  • With a standard/pre-defined application, select from a list of a few common applications.  Application and ports are pre-defined. 
  • The option to select a Resource Profile (if a resource profile is configured) is an option added in OS ver 5.3 and later.  A resource Profile allows the configuration of both the role settings and the resource policies in one process.

To verify that the application is defined correctly:

Login to the IVE (Instant Virtual Extranet) as an administrator and navigate to Roles > <name of the role> > SAM > Applications


Select the Application that needs to be verified. 

  • If the application is a custom application you will see a page similar to the image below.  Verify that the server IP address or hostname is configured correctly and that the ports defined are correct.
  • If the application is a standard application, you will see a page similar to the image below.  You will not have an option to change the configuration of the standard application, only the name of the policy.
  • If the application is a Resource Profile, you will be taken to the configuraiton of the Resource Profile.
    • First, verify that the server IP address or hostname is configured correctly. 
    • Then, verify is that if the autopolicy section is configured the resource (IP address or hostname) and any associated ports for access are allowed.
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