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KB9539 - How to collect the necessary logs to further troubleshoot a WSAM Access issue.

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Last Modified Date1/5/2016 5:06 PM
This article outlines what logs will be needed to further troubleshoot issues with accessing resources with WSAM.
Problem or Goal

After following the steps in KB9540 - How to Troubleshoot WSAM Access Issues, users are still unable to access resources with WSAM.



There are a few logs that need to be collected to further troubleshoot WSAM Access issues.  The following logs will be needed:
  • Policy Trace taken from the PCS (Pulse Connect Secure)
         To collect a Policy Trace, see: KB9255
  • TCP Dump taken from the PCS
         To collect a TCP Dump, see: KB9215
  • Client side WSAM logs
         There are a couple of ways to collect the WSAM client side logs, see below

If the client side logging for WSAM has been enabled (to verify this setting, see: KB9210 ) then browse to C:\Documents and Settings\<user profile>\Application Data\Juniper Networks\Secure Application Manager.  In this folder there will be two log files to collect, the dsSamDebug.log and the dsSamEvent.log.

If the client side logging for WSAM has not been enabled, navigate to Start > All Programs > Juniper Networks > Secure Application Manager > Troubleshooting to open the troubleshooting window.

Navigate to the "Debug" tab and click on the "Explore" button. 


This will open a window with the dsSamDebug.log and the dsSamEvent.log.


Collect a copy of the two log files.

Once these logs have been collected, open a new case if one has not been previously opened in the Pulse Secure Case Center about the WSAM issue and attach the logs to the case.

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