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KB9618 - How to troubleshoot Host Checker installation issues

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Last Modified Date12/11/2015 12:44 AM
This article describes the steps to follow in troubleshooting issues when the Host Checker client will not install/upgrade on an end user's machine.
Problem or Goal
Users are unable to install/upgrade the Host Checker client. What steps can be used to troubleshoot the issue?

Use the following steps to troubleshoot issues with installing the Juniper Host Checker client:

Step one Is the user on a supported platform?  For more information on supported platforms, see: KB9212 - How do I know if my client system meets the compatibility requirements to access the SSL VPN?

  • Yes - Continue with Step 2
  • No  - Resolve the supported platform issue and try the installation again.

Step two Does the user have the correct permissions to install the client?  For more information about user permissions, see: KB9620 - Verify users have correct permissions to install Host Checker

Step three Has any/all Host Checker clients been removed from the machine to perform a clean install?  For more information on removing Host Checker, see: KB9621 - How to manually remove Host Checker

  • Yes - Continue with Step 4
  • No  - Use the above mentioned link to remove Host Checker and try the installation again.

Step four If the above steps do not resolve the Host Checker installation issue, additional logs will be needed to further troubleshoot.  Refer to the following link to collect the necessary logs and open a case with Juniper Support: KB9088 - How to collect logs for Juniper Client installation issues

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