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KB44922 - MacOS and Windows 9.1R12 Pulse Secure Client disconnection with FQDN Split Tunneling.

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Last Modified Date3/31/2022 3:18 PM
This article describes about 9.1R12 Pulse Client disconnection with FQDN based Split Tunneling.
Problem or Goal
Pulse secure client gets disconnected frequently when FQDN based Split Tunneling is configured. This is applied to both Windows and MacOS platforms.


The Pulse Secure Service crashes as Pulse client is unable to process the DNS response that exceeds 8192 bytes and this leads to disconnection.

The client debug log should match below snippet

00169,09 2021/11/18 12:21:32.871 4 root dsAccessService dsTMService p90756 tE813 ippacket.cpp:29 - 'TCPDns' seq Number: -610825944, dataOffset : 32, current Length (dns) : 8292

00182,09 2021/11/18 12:21:33.369 3 root dsAccessService dsAccessService p91157 t103 accessService.cpp:104 - 'AccessService' service did not shutdown gracefully, performing recovery tasks...

This issue is resolved in Pulse Client 9.1R13.1 version.
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Created BySasikumar Manimaran



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