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KB44483 - Missing personality during PSA initial setup

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Last Modified Date6/12/2020 3:17 PM
The "Console and Initial Configuration" section of the PSA Hardware Guide will discuss how to establish a console session to your PSA hardware. After connecting to your PSA appliance the first option you are presented with is a menu asking you to choose the personality for your appliance.

On a PSA300, PSA3000, or PSA5000 there are two options, PPS and PCS.

User-added image

On the PSA 7000 there should be 3 options, PPS, PCS, and Pulse One.

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Problem or Goal
On rare occasions a PSA appliance may ship with a missing personality. In the example below this PSA7000 is missing the Pulse One personality.

User-added image
Currently unknown.
If you receive a PSA appliance that is missing a personality you require please open a support ticket at Currently the only solution is to RMA the appliance.
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