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KB44895 - New Feature in 9.1R13: Configurable Pulse Secure Application Launcher (PSAL) State Timeout in Pulse Connect Secure

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Last Modified Date11/16/2021 11:39 AM
Ivanti has introduced a new customizable Pulse Secure Application Launcher timeout option in Pulse Connect Secure.9.1R13
Problem or Goal
In Pulse Connect Secure, we have a background periodic job which runs every 1 min (around 60 secs with couple secs delta) which checks for the whole list of PSAL states and deletes if any of the states that are available for more than 120 secs.

With this behavior in place, if any users launch Host Checker in non-IE browser and the entire Host Checker process takes more than 120 secs, will result in a constant loop. Users will not be warned by any error message once they have been hit by this issue. 
In 9.1R13, a new configurable option under Maintenance >> System >> Options >> PSAL State Timeout is available. Default value is set to 2 mins and the max can be increased up to 9 mins based on the needs.

With this configuration, the periodic job which runs every 1 min in Pulse Connect Secure will check for the PSAL State Timeout value (if customized) instead of the default 120 secs and deletes the PSAL sessions which reaches or crossed the configured value. By this change, the client will have more than just 120 seconds to successfully complete the Host Checker process. 

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