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KB44280 - On the PPS Profiler, what is a 'remote session'?

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Last Modified Date10/4/2019 7:35 PM
What types of profiled sessions are remote sessions?
Problem or Goal
In the PPS Profiler device discovery report (DDR) along the left side of the page is a list of predefined filters. One of those filters is Remote Sessions, but what is a remote session?

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The common misunderstanding is that if a PCS appliance configures a PPS profiler as a remote profiler, all of the end points that connect to the PCS will be communicated to the profiler and added to the DDR, but that's only part of what is needed. 
For an endpoint to be considered a remote session a few steps need to be taken and the end user device needs to connect in a certain way.
1. The PCS or PPS appliance needs to add the PPS profiler as a remote profiler.
2. A user must connect to the PCS or PPS with either the Pulse Desktop Client or the Pulse Mobile Client. Web browser connections are not profiled.
3. The Pulse client must authenticate successfully to a Realm that has the remote profiler defined as a Device Attribute server.
4. For Pulse Mobile clients, there is one additional requirement. The MDM server that provisioned the mobile device needs to be defined on the PPS Profiler under the Local Profiler Auth Server entry.

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