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KB44233 - One method to disable the management port on a Active/Passive cluster when the UI prevents you from doing so

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Last Modified Date7/26/2019 3:14 PM
On an Active/Passive cluster a situation can occur that prevents you from disabling the management port.
Problem or Goal
If you attempt to disable the management interface on either the active or passive node you may receive the following error which prevents you from disabling the interface.

Error: Management port can not be disabled as services snmp, ntp, syslog and ftpArchive are using it.
The cause of this issue is still under investigation.
Although breaking the cluster would allow you to disable the management port, a less intrusive method would be to create an XML export of System > Network > Management Port, and then edit the file, and import the edit.

Example of the xml file:
<configuration xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" iveData="3115" saData="3104">
<Edit Here
<Edit Here

The edit or edits if you are using IPv6 occur on these two lines…

Change value of “enabled” to “disabled, the edited lines should look like this.

Once you’ve made the edit(s) save the xml file and import it to your appliance. As always please make backups for your appliance’s user and system configurations before making any changes.

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