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KB45719 - Override default FQDN for SAML authentication server.

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Last Modified Date2/1/2023 4:20 AM
This article talks about a newly added option in PCS version 9.1R14 where the administrator can now over-ride the default global FQDN with a custom FQDN.
Problem or Goal
Administrators were initially unable to configure a fresh SAML authentication server with a new FQDN without overriding the globally configured FQDN.

This options gives the freedom to administrators to over-ride the globally configured FQDN from PCS version 9.1R14.
The global option for SAML FQDN is available under System > Configuration > SAML > Settings.

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To over-ride the above host FQDN, users can now use the option "Override Global Host FQDN" while configuring the new SAML authentication server under SAML authentication settings.
Authentication > Authentication servers > New SAML server.
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This option was introduced with version 9.1R14.
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