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KB40088 - [PCS] Which PCS URL should I set for POST authentication from external authenticate solution system

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Last Modified Date11/17/2015 5:19 PM
Which PCS URL should I set for POST authentication from external authentication system, such as matrix authentication?
Problem or Goal
Which URL of PCS can proceed authentication request from external one-time password solution system? 
PCS can receive User ID and Password as a URL parameter under the following URL:
https://<PCS HOST>/dana-na/auth/url_X/login.cgi? 
(available for POST request and GET request)
You can send login information to PCS as a request parameter.

https://<PCS HOST>/dana-na/auth/url_X/login.cgi?username=test&password=testtest&realm=test_Realm
This request includes:

login username is "test"
login password is "testtest"
User Realm is "test_Realm"
How to determine "url_X" ?

Try to access configured Sign-in URL. If you configure "*/sec" URL under sign-in URL page on admin UI.

If user enters "https://<PCS_host>/sec" in their browser, PCS redirects to a unique URL, e.g "https://<PCS_host>/dana-na/auth/url_1/welcome.cgi".
You can use "url_1" as url_X parameter. The meaning is "https://<PCS_host>/dana-na/auth/url_1/login.cgi mapped to "*/sec" sign-in URL.
If you need to determine other sign-in URLs, try the above step again.

We do not recommend using "url_default" for this purpose if your PCS have multiple sign-in URLs.
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