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KB44296 - PPS suddently stops provisioning auth tables for non-Juniper Enforcers

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Last Modified Date10/29/2019 2:25 PM

Problem or Goal
You have one or more auth table policies that you intend to use to publish auth tables to non-Juniper enforcers. While these non-Juniper enforcers are reported as being connected, you see no attempt by the PPS to provision an auth table policy to those enforcers for authenticated users that are assigned roles defined in the auth table policy.

In all observed instances of this problem the customer attempted to publish auth tables to all available enforcers and used the default (all) option for selected enforcers.

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Currently the cause of this issue is unknown, and the problem has been observed on PPS 5.4R71 and PPS 9.1R1. It is assumed the problem exists on all PPS versions between 5.4R7 and on.
The current work around is to select all enforcers and add them to the Selected Enforcers window, then save changes. This has resolved the issue in all previously reported instances of this bug.

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