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KB45050 - Pulse Desktop Client reports a failure when "No SSID(s) in range for connection"

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Last Modified Date3/8/2022 8:57 PM
This KB will provide examples of how the Pulse client reports "out of range" 802.1X enabled wireless networks and how to modify that behavior through a registry change. 
Problem or Goal

When the Pulse Desktop Client for Windows is configured for a wireless 802.1X connection and the wireless network is out of range the client will report a 'failed' message. There are two messages one for broadcast SSIDs and one for non-broadcast SSIDs. In both cases the "no" symbol or circle with a slash is visible in the system tray.

With more end users working from home these days as in the office it is now common to be "out of range".

Broadcast SSID                                                   Non-broadcast SSID

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None - Both the client UI and system tray indicators are intended to quickly inform an end user why they have lost connectivity.
When the registry is modified and Pulse Desktop Client for Windows is out of range of the 802.1X wireless network Pulse client will report the status as disconnected and will not display the no symbol of the client's system tray icon. While in this state the Pulse client will silently attempt to connect to the wireless network should the endpoint move back into range.
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To enable the new behavior, add the following entry in:
Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Pulse Secure\Pulse 
DWORD value 'EnableSuppress8021xWirelessErrorMessages=1'

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Always take precautions before modifying your Window's registry.

How to backup your Windows registry.
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