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KB45423 - Same IP assigned to different users within short span of time while using IP pool

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Last Modified Date9/27/2022 11:51 AM
This article is to describe the same IP was assigned to other users within short span(within 10 minutes) of time interval while using IP pool issue.
Problem or Goal
  • Same IP address was assigned to different users within 10 minutes of time interval while using IPv4 pool
  • The device was in A/P cluster
  • The PCS OS version where the issue occurred was in 9.1R13
This issue was reported on 9.1R13 with IPv4 pool configuration in A/P cluster.
The cause of the issue is because nc_prefip is not synced across cluster.
The solution/fix is provided in 9.1R15 PCS code the following was fixed in this code:
In the user-record cleanup script(, we removed dependency on nc_prefip when cleaning up user-record.
From 9.1R15 the same IP using IP pool was not assigned to different users in short span of time.
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