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KB45201 - How to create Pulse One's back-up

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Last Modified Date6/28/2022 2:30 PM
This article highlights the step-by-step procedure to create the back-up of Pulse one appliance for debugging purpose.
Problem or Goal
Before creating the back-up, you need to create one admin user (We need this admin account for login into the console and then import it in our lab), then once you are done with downloading the back-up, delete that admin account.

Step 1: Create the admin account with below command:

account create [OPTIONS] USERNAME

Step 2: It will prompt to create the password for above admin account, create a password.

Step 3:  Now create the back-up and download it using the below command:

System backup export -e syslog -i external (To export the config using external interface and exclude the syslog)

  • During the process, the following message is displayed:
Download ready at http://xx.xx.xx.xx:8000/backup/download
MD5: 10e3f47281a8a5c494df8dca7d3c5ddd
Press Ctrl-C when finished.
  • When this message appears, do not press CTRL + C.
  • Instead, start a web browser and access http://xx.xx.xx.xx:8000/backup/download in a browser.
  • Save the backup file to an accessible location.
Step 4: Delete the admin account with below command:

account delete [OPTIONS] USERNAME

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