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KB10873 - Steps to manually convert an SBR database from a previous version to v6.1 after an upgrade failure on Windows

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Last Modified Date8/2/2015 9:01 PM
When upgrading SBR on Windows from a previous version to v6.1, the automatic database conversion might fail under certain circumstances.   Manual steps can be taken to complete the database conversion.

Problem or Goal
One such case where database conversion might fail is when the upgrade is done over a non-console Remote Desktop session.

note: When upgrading over an RDP session, you must be connected to the console for the database conversion to be successful.


If the upgrade has completed and the database is empty, that is, SBR administrator does not show any configuration data, the following steps can be taken to attempt to manually convert the old database. The old database files are typically backed up automatically during the upgrade to a location such as:  \Program Files\Juniper Networks\Steel-Belted Radius\Service_YYMMDD_NNNNNN.

  1. Reconnect with Remote Desktop, connecting to the console
  2. Stop the “Steel-Belted Radius” service.
  3. Open a command window and navigate to the backup service directory created during the upgrade.
    cd \Program Files\Juniper Networks\Steel-Belted Radius\Service_080110_125919
  4. Run dbconvert.exe
  5. Check the command output to confirm the conversion was successful: 
    2008/1/11 14:56:56 Starting database conversion tool, version 0
    2008/1/11 14:56:57 SBR database conversion was successful.
  6. Copy the database files into the new Service directory.
    C:\Program Files\Juniper Networks\Steel-Belted Radius\Service_080110_125919> copy radiusdata.* ..\Service
    Overwrite ..\Service\radiusdata.d01? (Yes/No/All): All
    6 file(s) copied.

    C:\Program Files\Juniper Networks\Steel-Belted Radius\Service_080110_125919> copy vista.taf ..\Service\
    Overwrite ..\Service\vista.taf? (Yes/No/All): yes
    1 file(s) copied.
  7. Start the “Steel-Belted Radius”service.
  8. Confirm in SBR Administrator that the database now contains the old data (Radius Clients, Native Users, etc.)
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