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KB2521 - What happens when log synchronization is enabled or disabled in an PCS / PPS cluster?

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Last Modified Date7/31/2015 5:05 PM
This article provides information about the behavior of a PCS / PPS cluster, when log synchronization is enabled or disabled.
Problem or Goal
When log synchronization is enabled/disabled in an PCS / PPS cluster, the following behavior is observed:
  • Sync enabled: Syslog server shows messages only from the Passive PCS / PPS.
  • Sync disabled: Syslog server shows messages from the Active and Passive PCS / PPS.

The following queries arise:
  • How to explain this behavior?
  • How does the PCS/PPS determine which PCS/PPS is the cluster leader?
  •  Is there a way to identify the cluster leader?
  • If log sync is enabled, only the cluster leader (not necessarily the active node) will send messages to the syslog server. The non-leader will send its messages to the leader, which ensures that all messages end up at the syslog server.
  • If sync is disabled, both nodes will independently send their messages to the syslog server.
  • Cluster members use a number of heuristics to select the cluster leader. The goal is to attempt to designate a node, which is expected to have the most recent state about the cluster as the leader.
  • For the PCS/PPS Administrator, the easiest way to determine which PCS/PPS is the cluster leader is to go to System > Clustering > Status page and hove the mouse pointer over the bullets under the Status column.

    By doing this, the system will show a hexadecimal number for each bullet. The node that has the 0x08000 bit on is the leader. There will be only one node with this bit turned ON; for example, 0x18004.
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