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KB29932 - Steel Belted RADIUS replica server fails to start after reboot

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Last Modified Date10/31/2018 11:31 PM
This article describes an issue where a Steel Belted RADIUS replica server fails to start after reboot.
Problem or Goal
A replica server which is running the Steel-Belted RADIUS process is failing to start up.  After reviewing the debug log from the server there are indications that the DCF subsystem is not starting as per the below log messages:  
01/14/2009 08:30:07 DCF system startup took too long
01/14/2009 08:30:07 failed to start Radius Server ...
01/14/2009 08:30:07 Initialization failure, server shutting down
01/14/2009 08:30:07 Shutting down Radius Authentication Server ...
01/14/2009 08:30:09 Shutting down Radius Accounting Server ...
01/14/2009 08:30:10 Server shut down after failure

The default behavior for the server is to wait for 100 seconds before shutting down. If, within that 100 seconds, the replication package cannot be processed, the DCF system will shut down and the SBR service will fail to start.
Starting in Steel-Belted RADIUS version 5.41, there is a parameter that can be added to the radius.ini file. This parameter dictates how long the server should wait before it shuts down due to slow or failed initialization of the internal database.

By increasing this time out, the server will wait longer to complete the replica package processing.

This parameter is useful for servers that are running on older, slower hardware, or on servers that are handling a large amount of authentication traffic at startup time. 

To implement this parameter edit the radius.ini file as follows:  
  1. Place the following parameter at the end of the CONFIGURATION section.
StartupTimeout = 600
(The value for this parameter is measured in seconds. In our example, we are setting the timeout to 600 seconds, which equates to 10 minutes.)
  1. Save the radius.ini file. 
  2. Restart the Steel-Belted RADIUS service. (Consult the administrators guide on how to restart the service.)
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