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KB30232 - How to configure the Local MAC Address Authentication Server and Attribute fields for unmanageable devices.

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Last Modified Date12/20/2018 9:44 PM
This article provides information on how to configure the local MAC Address Authentication server and use the associated attributes for role mapping.
Problem or Goal
To configure a MAC address authentication server:
  1. Go to Authentication > Author. Servers.
  2. Specify a name to identify the server instance.  
  3. To create a new MAC address authentication server instance on the IC Series device, select MAC Address Authentication from the New list and click New Server.
  4. Perform one of the following:
    • Enter MAC address entries in the MAC Address field in the 00:11:85:bb:8c:66 format, select Allow or Deny, and click Add. To enter wildcards, use the 00:11:22*:*:* format (a single asterisk represents two characters).
  5. In the Attributes field, enter a value pair to associate the MAC address with a particular group or organization. For example, dept=eng indicates that this MAC address belongs to engineering. When creating the MAC Address Realm, you can create a custom expression to assign the MAC address to a specific role.
  6. In the Attributes field, enter attributes to associate with a particular MAC address entry, Create the MAC address entry in the 00:01:e3:*:*:* format and associate the attribute. For example, GROUP = IP-PHONE.  
  7. Click Save Changes.
  8. After configuring the MAC address authentication server, you must add the server Instance to a MAC address realm.

Creating a MAC Address Realm and Configuring Role Mapping Rules:
  1. Create MAC address realms, which reference the authentication server, by going to UAC > MAC Address Realms.
  2. Create a role mapping, which is based on the custom expression. For example, userAttr.GROUP = `IP-PHONE`.  
  3. Create location groups, which reference the realms, by going to UAC > Network Access Location Groups.
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