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KB17507 - Need to configure the password change page such that it appears as a bookmark on the home page

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Last Modified Date8/1/2015 3:41 PM
Configure the password change page found at Preferences>General such that it appears as a bookmark on the users' home page.
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Follow the steps listed below to achieve this setup:
  1. Login to the PCS's admin console.
  2. Navigate to Users>Resource Profiles>Web>New Profile and provide a name and description to the profile.
  3. Under Base URL provide the resource as https://<ive-host>/dana/pref/pref.cgi.
  4. Make sure that only the Web Access Control autopolicy is checked.
  5. Now navigate to Users>Resource Policies>Web>Selective Rewriting>New Policy and provide a name and description to the policy.
  6. Under Resources provide the same URL as in step 3.
  7. Choose the appropriate roles under Roles.
  8. Under Action, choose 'Don't rewrite content: Redirect to target web server' and save changes.
  9. Make sure that the newly created policy is on top of other rewrite policies or is placed on top of the Initial Rewrite Policy.

Now when the users login, they will see a bookmark to change the password and can change the password directly by accessing it.
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