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KB12740 - Running an OAC script through the command line fails

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Last Modified Date8/1/2015 2:09 PM
When running an OAC update script, through the command line, an error code is generated.
Problem or Goal
When trying to run the OAC update file using the command line and the script is in another directory, but the directory name contains spaces (such as Documents and Settings) an error will occur or the application will crash. A message, similar to the following, will display asking if you would like to send this information to Microsoft.

The issue is caused by placing the script in a directory in which the directory name contains space(s), such as C:\Documents and Settings\pzsstott\Desktop, and then trying to run the command (for example: odClientAdministrator /I=C:\Documents and Settings\pzsstott\Desktop\<filename> ).  Doing so will generate an error or it will crash the application and ask if you want to send the error report to Microsoft.

The solution is to place the script update file in the default location for the odClientAdministrator.exe, which is C:\Program Files\Juniper Networks\Odyssey Access Client, and then run the command odClientAdministrator /I<filename> .

Note: Running the command using the short name for the directory rather then the long name, such as odClientAdministrator /I=C:\Docume~1\pzsstott\Desktop\<filename> , will work.  If there is more than one directory that contains a name with spaces, use the short name for all of the directories in the path.
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