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JSA10402 - Pulse Connect Secure (PCS) and Pulse Policy Secure (PPS) - Multiple Web-based CGI and Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities.

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Product AffectedSA 500, SA 700, SA 1000, SA 2000, SA 2500, SA 3000, SA 4000, SA 4500, SA 5000, SA 6000, SA 6500, FIPS SA 4000, FIPS SA 6000 IC: IC4000, IC4500, IC6000, IC6500, FIPS IC 4000, FIPS IC 6000
CGI and Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilities found and fixed through a combination of internal and external proactive security testing:
- Internal path was displayed in some error messages
- Parameter injection and XSS issues in File Browsing web pages (not applicable to UAC)
- XSS and response-splitting issues in File Browsing web pages (not applicable to UAC)
- XSS issues in Secure Meeting web page and launch CGI (not applicable to UAC)
- Issue with insufficient validation on parameters in dana-na/download URL
Pulse Secure recommends upgrading to one of the following or later releases:
PCS: 5.5R7.1; 6.0R8; 6.1R7; 6.2R3; 6.3R2
PPS: 2.2R3
No workarounds exist for these CGI and XSS issues. Software upgrades recommended in this Security Advisory are synchronized with the recommendations in other (PSN-2009-03-248 and PSN-2009-03-249). This enables customers to upgrade once and have all issues resolved with the upgrade.
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CVSS Score
Risk AssessmentYou can gain unauthorized access to protected resources.
Alert TypePSN - Product Support Notification
Risk LevelMedium
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Legacy IDPSN-2009-03-250, JSA10402



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