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TSB43810 - EOL notification for Pulse Secure’s Network Connect (NC) client and Windows Secure Application Manager (WSAM) client software features

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Last Modified Date11/9/2021 10:01 PM
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Product AffectedAll platforms running Pulse Connect Secure (PCS) software solution, specifically any deployments that currently use the legacy Network Connect VPN client functionality and/or the WSAM client functionality may be impacted by this announcement.
Alert Description
Pulse Secure announces end-of-life (EOL) of the legacy NC and WSAM functionality from Q2’2019 onwards. The 9.1R1 release will be last release to have NC/WSAM clients and these will contain the latest bug and security fixes, it is tentatively scheduled for release near the end of April.  After this date these features will not receive any additional updates or bug fixes.Pulse Secure recommends all customers currently using NC and/or WSAM based features to migrate to similar functionality delivered via the Pulse Desktop Client (PDC). The PDC has almost all the features available via the NC and WSAM clients.

The PDC is a unified multi-services client that is currently deployed by most Pulse Secure customers and has the most wide client OS/browser support in addition to several features that may not be available in the legacy NC and WSAM functionality. Additionally, all future innovation on the client side will be delivered through PDC in most cases. Further PDC will deliver a far more superior user-experience for your end-users compared to the legacy NC and WSAM clients. 

A detailed comparison between NC and PDC is available in Table-17 under “Comparing Network Connect and Pulse Secure Client” section of PDC Admin Guide :

PDF Link
Web Link

Timeline :

NC and WSAM clients will be considered End-Of-Life from Q2’2019 onwards.

Migrate to Pulse Desktop Client and Pulse SAM before the EOL date.

Migration to PDC

For customers using NC, please refer to below guide for migrating to PDC :

PDF Link

Web Link
For customers using WSAM, please refer to below guide for migrating to PDC :

PDF Link
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