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TSB44467 - Pulse Workspace : On-Prem deployments need to upgrade to “Pulse One 2.0.2001.1” as the iOS APNS Certificate expires on June 8th 2020.

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Last Modified Date5/12/2020 3:38 PM
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Product AffectedPulse Workspace (PWS) - On-Prem
Alert Description
This bulletin is related to the iOS APNS Certificate expiry that is set to happen on June 8th 2020. 
PWS uses two certificates for device management that have a validity of up to a year per Apple’s norms: 
  1. iOS MDM certificate.
  2. iOS APNS certificate. 
 The iOS MDM certificate was renewed/updated in version 2.0.2001 (Mid-April, 2020 Release). However, the iOS APNS certificate is about to expire on June 8th 2020
We have renewed both the certificates in the upcoming Pulse One 2.0.2001.1 release. And they are valid until April, 2021. 
Therefore, to avoid any impact to iOS devices management due to this certificate expiry, please follow the instructions below: 
a.    On-Prem deployments running version 2.0.2001: Upgrade to PWS 2.0.2001.1 (You need not Re-enroll your iOS devices if they are already enrolled). 
b.    On-Prem deployments running versions prior to 2.0.2001: Upgrade to PWS 2.0.2001.1 and Re-enroll the iOS devices (This is required for continued device management due to MDM certificate expiry). 
Note – 
•      PWS SaaS/Cloud customers: No Action required as certificates have been updated on production.  
•    This certificate expiry issue doesn’t impact Android devices. 
•    We are working towards a long-term solution that should not involve the software upgrade of the PWS instance to renew the certificates going further. 
Pulse One 2.0.2001.1 is expected to be released by the 18th of May, 2020.
Alert TypeSRN - Software Release Notification
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