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10033 - How to identify which files are using all of the inodes on a Virtual Traffic Manager VA?

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Last Modified Date12/3/2017 6:36 PM
When trying to create files in the OS an error reports "No space left on device" even though there appears to be plenty of remaining disk space.  The error logs may also report that there are "SERIOUS" config replication errors because it is unable to untar the required files.

These are most likely to be symptoms caused by a lack of inodes and running "df -ih" should show that one of the directories are using 100% of the inodes.
Problem or Goal
Run the following command to see if the any of the "IUse%" column reports 100% full: 
# df -ih
If one of those are 100% full then a lack of inodes is the problem and this command will help identify the directories using a large number of inodes: 
# for i in /*; do echo $i; find $i |wc -l; done
This can then be narrowed down further by searching the directory with the highest number listed using: 
# for i in /<directory name>/*; do echo $i; find $i |wc -l; done
This can then be repeated with a different directory name entry to drill down further if required. Once identified the offending files should be reported to the support team to verify that it is safe to remove them.
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