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4592 - The virtual Traffic Manager VA has local ssh server listening on all IP addresses on port 22

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Last Modified Date11/27/2017 4:19 PM
This article provides information about vTM using port 22 for all IP addresses.
Problem or Goal
By default, virtual Traffic Manager VA would have local ssh server listening on all IP addresses on port 22, therefore no Virtual Server can use the same port.

Two possible approaches could be taken to verify why port 22 is used:

Use different port for local ssh server:

  1. Login to admin console
  2. Navigate to System > Security
  3. Under SSH Server section, modify the port number for appliance!ssh!port field
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  1. Click Update

Use a specific dedicated IP address for local ssh server:

  1. Log in to command-line of traffic manager
  2. Edit all files in $ZEUSHOME/zxtm/conf/zxtms/ to include option 'appliance!managessh No'
  3. Repeat step #2 for all traffic manager host names
  4. Synchronize configuration throughout the cluster
  5. Edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config file's 'ListenAddress' option to point just one IP address (you would use this address to access Traffic Manager's CLI
  6. In web GUI, add Virtual Server on port 22 using any traffic IP address other than configured in step 5 (you will use this address to receive client traffic on port 22).
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