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5580 - How can we configure different values of the vTM's WAF enforcer_max_body_size for different virtual servers?

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Last Modified Date4/4/2018 8:48 AM
When the Web Application Firewall (WAF) is enabled for a specific virtual server, the 'Application Firewall Enforcer' request and response rules are applied to it automatically. These rules come with a default value of 2 Mb for the parameter enforcer_max_body_size.

Any change to this value is global and affects all virtual servers where the WAF has been enabled.
Problem or Goal

Create a new traffic script rule and associate it to the virtual server(s) that require a non default value of enforcer_max_body_size.

This rule needs to be run as a request rule prior to the standard Enforcer rule.

For example, following rule sets a value of 5 mb which is different from default value of 2 Mb and this can be applied to the desired virtual server(s)

##This rule sets the enforcer_max_body_size to 5 mb"enforcer.max_body_size", 5120000);

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