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5801 - How to verify the DNS host entry information from each member of the virtual Traffic Manager cluster to verify that both systems have the same host information?

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Last Modified Date11/27/2017 3:53 PM
This article provides information how to verify the DNS host entries for each member of the vTM cluster.
Problem or Goal
  1. Log into the vTM via SSH on each Traffic Manger using the admin account
  2. Run the following command to compare the output:
# cat /etc/hosts

If there is a need to manage the hosts manually or in the case where DNS is not working properly, then add the Host information using the Host to IP mapping manually via the web UI:

  1. Login to the admin console
  2. From the top menu, click System > Networking
  3. Under DNS menu, in the hostname and ip address field, enter the corresponding hostname and ip address
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  1. Click Update
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