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6358 - vTM - IP Address of The Physical Interface Information

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Last Modified Date6/11/2018 12:49 PM

By default, the IP address of the physical interface is used to communicate to the back-end servers.  However, if some clients are on the same network as the back-end servers, is it possible to bind a different IP address as the source to connect the servers it can reach directly - without routing through the Traffic Manager IP.

Problem or Goal

Although the default IP address of the physical interface is used to communicate with the back end nodes, you can change this behaviour by creating a Traffic IP (TIP) and then using custom static routing to map that TIP address to the specified host.  When using a virtual appliance (VA), the network configuration should be carried out under the System > Networking tab.

Custom static routing can be accomplished on Linux by using the following command:

route add -host <node IP> dev <TIP interface ID eg. eth0:2>

So this may look like:

Traffic Manager IP - (eth0)
Traffic IP - on eth0:2
Backend Webserver IP -

By default, the address is used to communicate with the web server, but if you add a custom static route as follows, then the TIP is used for communication with backend.

# route add -host dev eth0:2

If you have a small number of TIPs to communicate to a pool of back-end servers, this would allow you to manually load balance across these back-end servers by adding customer routes via their alias. Ex.  node1 via TIP1, node2 via TIP2, etc...

NOTE: This solution may not be ideal for a large number of services and TIPS and would not protect against failover (unless there is a cluster for redundancy) or if the system is rebooted.

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