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KB44990 - Issues with L4 PSAM connection when going through a already established L3 tunnel.

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Last Modified Date1/31/2022 6:44 PM
Problem or Goal
  • Users may face issues with the L4 PSAM connection when the PSAM connection is established after a L3 tunnel is established.
  • Users may not be able to establish the PSAM connection
  • Users may not be able to reach resources
  • Users may only face issues after the disconnect for example they disconnect the PSAM connection and, all connectivity is lost.
  • These issues are caused when using the WFP driver for the L4 connection
  • As a workaround to resolve this issue Administrators can use the option to "Enable fail-over to TDI for Pulse SAM connection" in the PSAM options in the role.
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