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KB11501 - Known Issues and limitations when accessing Microsoft SharePoint 2003 / 2007 / 2010 resources via the Web Rewrite Access mechanism

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Last Modified Date9/12/2016 10:28 PM
This article provides information about known Issues and limitations, when accessing Microsoft SharePoint 2003, 2007, and 2010 resources via the Web Rewrite Access mechanism.
Problem or Goal
Issues specific to Windows 7 and Windows Vista Client platforms:
  • Picture Manager, Explorer View, and InfoPath will work ,only if Persistent Session is enabled on the PCS under Roles > General > Sessions Options (45602).
  • If Explorer View is opened within the IE8 browser, instead of a separate window, it contains less functionality. For example, the list of folders and directory browsing are not displayed in the left panel (45698).
  • Publishing documents into SharePoint Server from Microsoft Office Applications or InfoPath is not supported. (45495)
  • The Export to Database functionality is not supported through the rewriter (47398).
  • Editing a text file does not work, as it opens inside a web page instead of Notepad (45601).

 Issues seen across all client platforms:
  • It is strongly recommend that end users add the PCS's (PCS) hostname to the Trusted Site list, within Internet Explorer. To add the PCS as a trusted site, go to Tools > Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites (45602).
  • A valid SSL certificate is required on the PCS to be able to use several SharePoint features, such as download or edit Microsoft Office documents, Picture Manager, Explorer View, and InfoPath (45631).
  • If a production certificate is not installed in the PCS and the user attempts to download a Microsoft Office document, then the Office application might hang (35593).
  • Microsoft Office 2003 SP1 or greater is required when manipulating documents through the Picture Manager, the document library, or Explorer view. Microsoft Office 2002 is not supported (44318).
  • To use the Import Spreadsheet functionality in SharePoint 2003 the PCS's URL must be added as a trusted site within Internet Explorer. To add the PCS as a trusted site, go to Tools > Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites (375756)
  • Import Spreadsheet functionality, when used with Microsoft Office 2010, is supported only in releases 7.2Rx and above.
  • When using Office 2010 and trying to update a document, users may receive an error message from Microsoft Upload Center; it mentions Upload Failed. Your changes were saved but could not be uploaded because of an error.For more information, refer to KB21454 - [Core Access] SharePoint 2007 users are unable to update a document when accessing with Office 2010 through rewrite access.
  • RSS Feeds are not supported (46286).
  • If the role level option to rewrite pdf files is enabled, downloading pdf documents larger than 32 Mb through SharePoint is not supported when sharepoint is accessed via the rewriter (38375).
  • When using the SiteMinder authentication server, in-line editing of Microsoft Office documents in SharePoint is not supported (36776).
  • The Picture Manager functionality is not available when using the Siteminder authentication server.
  • When accessing the Explorer View in SharePoint through the rewriter, the following items are not available on the left-hand navigation bar: File and Folder Tasks, Details, Publish this file to the Web, Email this file, and Print this file. This is the same behavior, if the SharePoint server has SSL enabled and is accessed directly without the rewriter (37710).
  • The move explorer view copies the file and does not delete it from the source folder (35033).
  • When uploading a document through Explorer View in SharePoint, the new document is not displayed; unless you exit and then restart Explorer View. This is a limitation within SharePoint (38870).
  • Using the FrontPage editor from the Internet Explorer toolbar to edit a SharePoint web page and then saving it to the SharePoint server, is not supported through the rewriter (40611).
  • The SharePoint Forms feature is not supported.
  • In an Active/Passive cluster, if the user edits a document through the Shared Documents view during a failover, the document may open as read-only. As a workaround, click the document again.
  • In an Active/Passive cluster, if the user launches the Picture Manager to upload multiple documents during a failover, the Picture Manager might fail to launch. As a workaround, click the Upload Multiple Files… link again.
  • The images in the drop-down menu for each listed document in the document library are missing, if the persistent session cookie is enabled. This is a limitation of Internet Explorer. To workaround this problem, select Override automatic cookie handling under Internet Tools > Internet Options > Privacy tab  > Advanced. Select Accept under First-party Cookies (42001).
  • Synchronizing an Excel spreadsheet with the SharePoint server is not supported (47508).
  • The Edit in Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer functionality in SharePoint 2007 is not supported through the rewriter (49332).
  • To use SharePoint 2003 via the Pass Through Proxy Host mode on Vista, users must add the virtual hostname to the Trusted Sites zone in Internet Explorer, in which Protected Mode is disabled (46059).


To work around any of the above mentioned limitations, configure the PCS to provide access to SharePoint based resources via an alternate Access method, such as Network Connect, SAM or Pulse Secure client based access method.

Note: SharePoint 2010 is supported only on PCS 7.1R1 or later. For more information, refer to KB20085 - [Core Access] Supported features and functionality of SharePoint 2010 when accessed via Pulse Connect Secure's Web/Rewrite access method when accessed via Connect Secure PCS's Web/Rewrite access method.

The numbers within the parenthesis are internal support and engineering reference numbers.
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