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KB17635 - How to enable RDC on an external port or management port if the internal port cannot connect to internet

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Last Modified Date7/31/2015 3:30 PM
This article discusses how to enable RDC on an external port or management port if internal port cannot connect to internet.


Problem or Goal
If the PCS/PPS unit’s internal interface cannot connect to because the internal port has no connectivity to the internet, then you can still enable RDC via external port or management port.


  1. Add a static route to the internal interface routing table.  Direct all traffic destined for the IP of via the external or management interface and a gateway of the external or management interface gateway.
Note: Adding a route restarts the network service, prefer to do in a maintenance window
Route entry

  1.  Apply RDC code provided by support as usual as it should enable.
Note: The usual pre-requisite of outbound TCP 9000 connectivity to still applies. Only the source interface can be controlled by the above workaround.
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