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KB17689 - [PCS] Citrix Web Resource Profile is not working if configured with "ICA connects over CTS"

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Last Modified Date8/1/2015 12:46 PM
Citrix is configured under Web Resource Profiles.
It is using Non Java ICA client and the option selected is "ICA client connects over CTS"
Under Metaframe server, an asterisk value (*) is provided.
When user tries to access the Citrix application through IVE rewrite method, the message "Could not connect to Server.." is reported.
This works for the same user if the option selected is "ICA client connects over WSAM".
Problem or Goal
User would like to use CTS and not WSAM. Also the user would like to know why is it working with WSAM and not with CTS.
The solution is to add the metaframe server IP address to the list instead of asterisk value (*).

The reason behind this is that CTS (Citrix Terminal Services) requires an IP address as an input for the configuration.

WSAM configures an auto policy with the Citrix applications and does not require an IP address.

Below is the page which were you add the IP address:

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