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KB17956 - Error message "" appears immediately after logging into PCS.

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Last Modified Date8/1/2015 3:28 PM

An improper session termination can cause the following error message to be displayed:

Network Connect session timed out (

This article provides a procedure to fix this error.

Problem or Goal
To recreate the error:
  1. Open a browser.

  2. Log in to the PCS.

  3. Launch Network Connect.

  4. Close the browser by clicking the Red X at the top right corner.


Note: Closing the browser will not terminate your NC session and the NC icon remains in your task tray.

    1. Open another browser and re-submit your credentials. This will create a new user session on your PCS.

    2. When you launch NC again, you will see the error message because NC will have timed out the previous NC session in order to launch NC for your new session.

    This is working as designed. The issue occurs because closing the browser will not terminate an NC session.


    In order to properly terminate a user session on the PCS, you will need to Sign Out either on your browser or by right-clicking the NC icon in the task tray .


    If you only close your browser without clicking Sign Out, your NC session will remain active until it is terminated by trying to launch NC for a new session or until you reach the idle or max session timeout. 

    Note: This issue does not apply if you enable the Persistent Session option on the Role (Users > User Roles > Role > General > Session Options) . This is because if a user closes the browser window without signing out, any user may open another instance of the same browser to access the PCS, using the existing session on the PCS. The user will not be forced to re-submit their credentials and create a new session.
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