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KB19651 - [PCS/MAG PCS] Access to OWA 2010 folders is slow via web access (rewrite)

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Last Modified Date10/28/2015 12:13 AM
This article describes the issue of the accessing of OWA 2010 folders via PCS  core access/rewrite, being slow.
Problem or Goal
  • Slow performance is noticed, when moving between folders and accessing OWA 2010 via core access/rewrite. Users have observed that the greatest delay is when moving within the sent item folder and the most delay in populating the folder list.
  • Client PC CPU usage could spike to 100% (depending on PC performance and number of applications that are running at any given time).
  • This behavior can occur with both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
The slowness is due to the overhead that is associated with JavaScript. There were enhancements in the OWA rewriting, beginning with 7.1R1 of the Pulse Connect Secure releases; but you need to adhere to the alternate solutions to fix the issue.

Alternate solutions:
  • Install rewrite filter 556158 on the PCS device. This filter is applicable to any PCS OS.

    Note: The performance depends on the amount of mail in the folder.
  • Configure the resource with alternate access methods, such as Pass Through Proxy (PTP), SAM, and Network Connect/Pulse.

To install the rewrite filter:
  1. Logon to the IVE as an administrator.
  • Go to Resource Policies > Web > Rewriting Filters.
  • Install the rewrite filter - 556158.
  • The filter is usable in all SA devices; it is not device specific.
  • Make sure that the resource in the filter matches the resource being accessed.
  • Clear the browser cache.
  • Test the results again on the client machine.

Additional information:

If there is no Rewriting Filter option available:
  1. Go to Resource Policies > Web
  • Click Customize.
  • Under Rewriting, select the Rewriting Filters checkbox.    

If the Rewriting Filters option is still unavailable, it can be obtained by installing the Rewriter Filter License.

Note: The rewrite filter license is not required for PCS series OS version 6.4 or later.

For more information, refer to:

KB13498 - Where can I get the Rewriter Filter License key for Pulse Connect Secure(PCS) releases?

KB10195 - [PCS] Rewriting Filters – What is it, When is it used, and How do I implement it?
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