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KB20085 - Supported features and functionality of SharePoint 2010 when accessed via Pulse Connect Secure's Web/Rewrite access method

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Last Modified Date12/7/2016 6:44 PM
Web/Rewrite based access for SharePoint 2010 based resources has been qualified and will be supported, starting from PCS 7.1R1 and above. This article describes the specific features and functionality of SharePoint 2010, which are currently supported through the web/rewrite based access. For other access methods such as SAM, Network Connect or Pulse Secure client we believe that all features of SharePoint 2010 will work (even on PCS released before 7.1R1).
Problem or Goal
What are the supported features and functionality of SharePoint 2010 when accessed using Pulse Connect Secure's Web/Rewrite access method?

SharePoint 2010 features that have been qualified and are supported:

  • UI: SharePoint 2010 Web UI (that is the new Ribbon-Style interface).
  • Browser Support: SharePoint 2010 introduces support for Firefox and Safari browsers and these will be supported through Rewrite based Access. 
    • Mozilla Firefox features, which use the Microsoft Office 2010 plug-in, will not be supported. For example, New Document, DataGrid, and so on will not be supported.
    • On Firefox and Safari, office documents residing in SharePoint 2010 cannot be opened or edited from within the Microsoft Office client, when PCS core access is used. This is due to the Microsoft Office client being unable to access the browser’s cookie store, which is needed for successful authentication through the PCS. However in PCS version 7.2 and above, opening/editing documents will be supported via the Office Web Apps functionality.
    • Enhanced Collaborative Features, User Profiles, MySites (without SilverLight), Social Feedback, and Organization.
    • Content: Large Lists and libraries, Enterprise Metadata, Document sets, Web Publishing including Digital Asset Management, Governance, and Records management.
    • Search: Interactive search experience, relevance, and people search.
    • Administration: Supports all web based administration activities.
    SharePoint Mobile Access. 
    • SilverLight: SilverLight is not supported with the Web/Rewrite mechanism in OS version 7.1. However, the rewrite engine will disable the silverlight content and send the rest of the page's content to end users. Support for SilverLight content, which is embedded in SharePoint 2010 pages, is currently targeted for OS version 7.2.
    • All the features, which were supported on SharePoint 2007, will continue to be supported on SharePoint 2010. For example:
      • Document creation for Word, Excel, and Power Point.
    • Document management such as CheckIn/CheckOut of files
    • Document editing with Microsoft Office (Microsoft office integration).
    • Document saving, in which the document should be saved in the SharePoint server.
    • Document displays: There are three views of documents - HTML view, ListData view, and Windows Explorer. PCS should enable the display of these views. 
    • Upload single/multiple files in a document library.
    • Download documents using various means – Html view, ListData view, and Windows Explorer.
    • Export to Excel sheet.
    • Open library in Windows Explorer.
    • Picture Management, inclusive of uploading single/multiple files in a picture library.
    • Office Web Apps functionality is supported in PCS OS version 7.2R1 and above.
    • Outlook Web Access Web Parts integration:
      • The default SharePoint Outlook Web Access Web Parts integration have been qualified (using Exchange 2010 SP1) for SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010.
    • For seamless end user experience, it is recommended that customers configure a Microsoft SharePoint Web Access Resource Profile (with SSO enabled) on the PCS. If SSO is not enabled, users may be prompted for credentials when they try to access the Outlook Web Access Part of their SharePoint Site.
    • Only the default sharePoint outlook web access web part was qualified. As Web parts are highly customizable, it is strongly recommended that customers test access via the Core Access method for any customized versions of Outlook Web Access Web part, before deploying it to end users.
    Features that are not supported:
    • People connections: interaction with Outlook and Office Communicator.
    • Activity (RSS) feeds.
    • Business Connectivity Service: connect to Exchange, LotusNotes, Documentum, FileNet, and so on.
    • SharePoint Designer 
    • SharePoint Workspace Groove.
    • InfoPath Forms Service.
    • Access Service.
    • Fast search. 
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