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KB20954 - Cannot import Device Certificates via XML format

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Last Modified Date8/3/2015 5:17 PM
This article describes and issue where the administrator cannot import Device Certificates via XML - Import /Export.
Problem or Goal
Can we transfer the Device Certificates via XML Import Export with PCS device?
No, device certificates cannot be transferred via XML Import /Export with PCS device. The Device Certificates mapped to the PCS have a private key associated to them, and the only way to transfer the device certificates is by using Binary Import / Export.

The following certificate types can be moved using the XML Import/Export feature: 
  • Navigate to Trusted Client CAs
  • Trusted Server CAs
  • Code Signing Certificate

The only way to import a Device Certificate, which has the private key, is by using Binary Import and Export in one of the two locations:
  • The first location is Maintenance > Import/Export > Configuration.
    You will need to select the option to import Device certificates (along with any other item you may want to import).

  • The other location to import the certificates is through the certificate import process at System > Configuration > Certificates > Device Certificates. Click the button Import Certificate & Key.  Use the third option, and import the saved system.cfg with the certificates you want to import.

    Image of "Import Certificate & Key" using system.cfg file

    Clicking on the above option will produce the certificate import page; the option to use is the third one: Import via system Configuration file:

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