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KB21063 - [Sign In Pages] How to customize text on sign-in page

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Last Modified Date8/3/2015 8:58 PM
How to modify the text on the sign-in page using a custom sign-in template.
Problem or Goal
This article will help you to modify the words presented to the user on the sign-in page.

Most organizations would like to customize the text on the sign-in page according to their requirements. This is coded in LoginPage.thtml, which is the first screen the end-users see.

                                                           Default Sign-In page - Before editing

User-added image

Customize the text in LoginPage.thml according to your requirement from the file.

For example, the template below was edited on PCS running 7.0RX:

Original: <title><% title FILTER verbatim %></title>
Output: Pulse Secure PCS
Modified: <title>PSTAC</title>
Output: PS-TAC

Original: <td nowrap colspan="3"><b><% welcome FILTER verbatim %></b></td>
Output: Welcome to the
Modified: <td nowrap colspan="3"><b>PS-TAC1</b></td>
Output: PS-TAC1

Original: <td nowrap colspan="3"><span class="cssLarge"><b><% portal FILTER verbatim %></b></span></td></tr>
Output: Pulse Secure PCS
Modified: <td nowrap colspan="3"><span class="cssLarge"><b>PS-TAC2</b></span></td></tr>
Output: PS-TAC2

Original: <% instructions FILTER verbatim %>
Output: Please sign in to begin your secure session
Modified: <PS-TAC3>
Output: PS-TAC3

After customizing the LoginPage.thml, upload the new customized template to the PCS device.

                                             Custom Sign-In page - After modification

User-added image

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