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KB21828 - Pulse Secure Desktop Client does not launch and displays an error, if certificate authentication is configured

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Last Modified Date8/1/2015 7:16 PM
This article describes the issue of the Pulse Secure Desktop Client not launching and the generation of a certificate error, when certificate authentication is configured.

Problem or Goal
In the Active/Passive cluster, the Pulse Connect Secure device is configured to have Certificate authentication for user authentication. If Pulse Secure Desktop client is launched and Pulse Connect Secure URL is accessed, a certificate error occurs and the authentication does not happen.
Error [1302]:
Authentication not completed. Try the operation again. If the problem persists, contact your network administrator.

In the user access logs we observe the following:
info - [] - anonymous()[] - 2011/08/08 08:01:08 - sa2 - not initialized
info - [] - anonymous()[] - 2011/08/08 08:01:15 - sa2 - not initialized
info - [] - anonymous()[] - 2011/08/08 08:01:18 - sa2 - not initialized
info - [] - anonymous()[] - 2011/08/08 08:01:25 - sa2 - not initialized

The device certificate is bound to the Internal VIP.
In Pulse Secure Desktop Client, the EAP-TTLS always uses the certificate bound to the internal port. In this case the certificate was bound to the Internal VIP; hence the issue occurs and the event is logged. The resolution is to bind the device certificate to the internal port.
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