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KB21935 - System software upgrade fails in MAG / PSA series

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Last Modified Date1/25/2016 3:36 PM
This article describes an issue of the system software upgrade failure in the MAG / PSA series.
Problem or Goal
  • A user tries to upload a Pulse Connect Secure (PCS, formerly SA/IVE) software package on a MAG / PSA series with Pulse Policy Secure (PPS, formerly IC) Personality (or PPS software package to an appliance running the PCS personality) from Systems > Upgrade/Downgrade >Install Service Package.
  • The package loads successfully; but the device does not upgrade.
  • The Admin Access logs the following error :
    System Software Upgrade failed. You must provide a package of the same personality
Take the system and user configuration backup, before uploading the package on the current personality.
  1. Navigate to Maintenance > System > Change Personality, upload the new package, and click Change now.
  • The Change Personality : Service Package installation is in progress..... message is displayed.
  • On the Admin Access Log , you will see the following log:
    Started System Software Upgrade.

Please note: this requires console access as  all configuration elements are deleted when changing personalities. 
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