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KB22345 - How to configure the Windows 2008 Terminal Services RemoteApp feature

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Last Modified Date11/23/2015 7:52 PM
This article provides information on how to configure the Windows 2008 Terminal Services RemoteApp feature.
Problem or Goal
The configuration procedure below is for the Windows 2008 Terminal Server and then the PCS, to make RemoteApp available via PCS.

Note: The example of the Calculator application is being used in this procedure; however it is applicable for any application available and published in the RemoteApp Wizard of the Windows 2008 Terminal Server.
  1. Go to the RemoteApp via Windows 2008 server > Administrative Tools > Terminal Services > Terminal Services RemoteApp Manager. The RemoteApp Manager window is displayed:

  2. From the Action menu, click Add RemoteApp Programs:

  3. The RemoteApp Wizard window is displayed. Click Next:

  4. The RemoteApp Wizard dialog box is displayed. From the list of applications, select the Calculator check box and then click Properties:

  5. The RemoteApp Properties window for the calculator is displayed. Copy the path and alias name mentioned in the Location and Alias fields and save the information to a Notepad file. Close the window by clicking the X symbol located at the upper-right hand corner of the window.

  6. Click Next:

  7. You can now find the Calculator application listed in the RemoteApp Programs section:

  8. In the PCS, go to User Role > Terminal Services > Sessions and click Add Session. In the Session section, type the alias and path, copied in step 5, in the Alias Name and working directory fields; as shown below:

  9. Now when users logon to the PCS portal and click the Terminal Services bookmark, they will be able to access the remote application on their computer.
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