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KB22556 - LDAP attribute utilization for terminal server bookmarks

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Last Modified Date10/8/2015 7:21 PM
This article provides information about the LDAP attribute utilization for terminal server bookmarks.
Problem or Goal
LDAP is configured on the realm; this is required for use in the terminal service bookmarks
To configure the terminal service, you can use the <userattr.userWorkstation> attribute or any other attribute as defined on the server (without double quotes).

To configure this attribute on the AD server:
  1. Go to Active Directory Users and Computers, right-click a user account, and click Properties.

  1. On the Properties window, click the Account tab:

  1. On the Account tab, click Log On To:


  1. On the Logon Workstations window, select The following computers radio button:


  1. Add the computer name and click OK:

    The attribute will pull the computer name via this option.

    Note: The <userattr.userWorkstation> attribute is single valued and can work only when one computer name is configured.

    If multiple computer names are needed (multi valued attribute), the <Userattr.otherLoginWorkstations> attribute can be used.By using userWorkstation, users are restricted to access limited computers.

    The otherLoginWorkstations attribute is more flexible than userWorkstation.

    The Multi-valued attribute - otherLoginWorkstations, on AD server’s ADSIEDIT.


    Adding the computer name for the otherLoginWorkstations attribute; Active Directory Users and Computers does not have an option to add the computer name for the otherLoginWorkstations attribute.

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