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KB22863 [SBR] EAP-PEAP is not working in SBR, receiving the 'Error condition: peapauth.dll failed to initialize' error message

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Last Modified Date8/2/2015 12:04 AM
This article describes the issue of the EAP-PEAP not working in SBR; the 'Error condition: peapauth.dll failed to initialize' error message is generated.
Problem or Goal

EAP-PEAP configured in SBR for 802.1x authentication, which was previously working fine, suddenly stopped working after an upgrade from 6.0 to 6.1.

When checking the SBR debug logs, the following message was found:\

02/01/2012 19:05:18 Initialization of module C:\PROGRA~1\JUNIPE~1\STEEL-~1\Service\peapauth.dll failed
02/01/2012 19:05:18 Error encountered trying to register peapauth.dll - external authentication not available

In the SBR administrator tool, the following message was found:

Error condition: peapauth.dll failed to initialize

This error can occur due to the following reasons:
  • The SBR was upgraded with a trial license and the trial period has expired.
  • An incorrect license key was provided during the time of upgrade or manually after the upgrade.
  1. Check the radius.lic file, which is located in the SBR installation location for the license key being currently used.
  • Contact the Advanced Customer Care team and verify if the license key is valid for the installed SBR software version.
  • If the license key is not valid, obtain the correct set of license keys and update the radius.lic file with them. You also have to remove the incorrect license key from the file.
  • Restart the SBR service.

Note: The above solution is applicable for the following error messages, which pertain to different EAP protocols configured on SBR.

Error condition: fastauth.dll failed to initialize
Error condition: tlsauth.dll failed to initialize
Error condition: ttlsauth.dll failed to initialize
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