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KB23051 - Frequently Asked Questions about software / firmware upgrade recommendations and impact

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Last Modified Date4/24/2017 9:11 PM
This article contains information about frequently asked questions about software / firmware upgrade recommendations and impact.


Problem or Goal

Precautionary steps for upgrade: 

  1. Ensure to have a scheduled downtime to upgrade the device. 
  2. Ensure to have the serial console access of the Pulse Connect Secure device(s) during the upgrade procedure. 
  3. Ensure to back up the configuration as shown in the upgrade procedure guide (Standalone/Cluster). 
  4. Ensure to have the screenshots of the license taken (System > Configuration > Licensing
  5. Ensure to clear the logs in the Pulse Connect Secure device. 
  6. Ensure to have the Pulse Secure Installer Service installed in the end user pc if the end user doesn't have admin rights.

Q: How do I take a backup of configuration files and what data does this include?

A: To take the backup of the User and System configuration, perform the following procedure:

System Configuration:
  1. In the admin console, go to Maintenance > Import/Export > Import/Export Configuration.
  2. Provide the password (if required), click Save Config As, and save the configuration file.

User-added image

This backup includes:

  • Network settings
  • Cluster configurations
  • Licenses
  • SNMP settings

User Configuration backup:
  1. In the admin console, go to Maintenance > Import/Export > Import/Export Users.
  2. Provide the password (if required), click Save Config As, and save the configuration file in the required location:
User-added image
This backup includes:
  • Sign in settings (includes sign in policies, sign in pages, and all authentication servers)
  • Authentication realms
  • Roles
  • Network Access
  • Resource profiles/resource policies
  • User accounts
  • Meeting configurations

Q: Where can I download software and how to upgrade the device?

A: For download instructions, refer to KB40028 - [Customer Support Tools] How to download software using the Licensing & Download Center at

To upgrade software, perform the following steps:
  1. Navigate to System > Upgrade/Downgrade
  2. Click Browse
  3. Locate the file and click OK
  4. Click Install

User-added image


Q: How to confirm if the upgrade was successful?

A: Please be informed that there will be no change in the user or system configuration, but you can see the upgraded version by going to System > Status > Overview:

User-added image


Q: How to rollback to a previous version, if there is an issue?

A: To rollback, go to Maintenance > Platform > Rollback:

User-added image

Q:  Will this upgrade require a software upgrade for end users when logging to the Pulse Connect Secure device?

A:  Yes.  The only exception is the Pulse Secure Desktop client.  Pulse Secure Desktop client is independent from the PCS software release.  All other components (Network Connect, Secure Application Manager, Terminal Services) will be required to upgrade before launching the component after the upgrade.

Q:  Will upgrading client components require administrator rights?

A:  Unless Installer Service was previously deployed, end users will need administrator rights to upgrade Pulse components (except Pulse Secure Desktop client).  Pulse Secure Desktop client has Installer Service built-in and does not require the standalone Installer Service.

Q:  What is the recommended upgrade path?

A:  Refer to the applicable release notes for recommended upgrade paths.

Q: What is the latest software release for each hardware platform?

A: Certain hardware may have reached End of Support (EOS).  For more information, please refer to the EOL page.

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